You Have the Right to Be In Business If You Choose To Be

The disparity between the businesses that have been forced to close and those allowed to operate essentially with a ‘business as usual’ attitude [a handful of corporate businesses] — is too great to be ignored.

While ‘Mom and Pop’ businesses throughout the country have been ordered to shutter, Amazon, WalMart, Target those for whom COVID-19 has barely amounted to a speed bump of inconvenience — are making record profits while hundreds of thousands of small businesses have been driver into bankrupt.

Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has riled citizens on both sides of the isle to the point that armed militia are showing up at the state capital in record numbers demanding the lockdown end and representatives begin acting on the part of their constituents — to mixed reviews, of course.

Operation Gridlock, April 15, 2020 in Lansing Michigan had widespread support but caused frustration on the part of elected officials. Now, citizens can sue Whitmer.

The first major Act of Civil Disobedience — Operation Gridlock — brought about a gridlock in and around Lansing that wrought consternation on the part of elected officials — but did certainly gain their attention, if only for the short term.

Jim Corey – Jimmy’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill, Says his family business may close forever.

Jim Corey is suing Governor Whitmer for destroying his business with the lockdown