Discerning Fact from Fiction: Who appears in this CIA video purported to be Bill Gates?

Does the FUNVAX Video represent a real threat — or is it propaganda?

The Internet has identified the presenter in this video as Bill Gates: Is it?
Here is the high definition version of this same scene. Still look like Gates?
Bill Gates or this guy? It is interesting to note that this 2012 video does discuss vaccinating against religious ‘fanaticism’ , and presents it as a desirable possibility.

Let’s break down the evidence of fraud that exists in this video — most likely a tool to make anyone opposed to mandatory vaccines look paranoid — or even delusional.

First, watch clip No. 2 again — this time watching for suspiciously timed camera movements — pans and zooms designed to take your attention off the speaker and direct them towards the screen.

Note the focus sharpening and then blurring — with no apparent cause.

Now watch the speaker’s movements — as well as his jaw — to see areas where the audio is clearly deviating from the video. It’s apparent that the clip at times seems to be in sync and then, suddenly, out of sync.

Note the ‘glitches’ in which the video clearly ‘skips’ — delineating those areas where the clip was edited.

The rather outrageous comment of the supposed ‘onlooker’ to this scene — the one concerning putting a bullet in someone’s brain — came virtually without movement on the part of the individual the clip’s author would have you believe was speaking.

Almost anyone making such a comment would be likely to move accordingly — and no such movement was apparent. This is particularly telling when, during an earlier comment, this same ‘onlooker’ moved in accordance with his speech during those seconds when he was speaking.

There’s more here but for the sake of time we would prefer to let this clip speak for itself. When someone states that the two brain scans on the screen are of two different people, the material is instantly suspect.

The two scans on the screen are identical in size and structure. How could this possibly be representative of the ‘scans’ of two separate individuals?