Utah LDS Citizens: “Show Us Sick People – We Cannot Find Them.”

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“For the residents of Utah, please look at this information and support the “good” guys. My good friend the Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn Openshaw) asked me to share this with my following. So if you’re from Utah, or you know people living in Utah, get the word out!!! This is important!“

Robyn Openshaw

June 26 at 5:09 PM  · Shared with PublicYou WON’T be reading this in the news–so best to share it!

This is my response to Spencer Cox’s assistant, Tyler Cain (tcain@utah.gov), who replied AFTER 240 of us protested at the State Capitol, and Cox didn’t show up after I invited him:Hi Tyler, Thanks for writing back and volunteering to try to answer my concerns, since Spencer Cox did not respond prior to our protest at the State Capitol last night, nor show up.

What I would actually like is for you to show this to Spencer Cox and get his direct response. I’m a former psychologist, 16-time author, former BYU professor, owner of a $10M 13-year old Utah business, and I’m a graduate of both BYU and the U of U. I’m also a Romney, and my ancestors helped settle the state of Utah. My grandfather was the personal bodyguard of LDS Church founder Joseph Smith. I raised 4 children, as a single mother the past 12 years, and am putting the youngest two through school at a Utah university.

We had 240 people on the steps of the capitol last night, and were disappointed to not hear from or see Spencer Cox — though in fairness, I planned the protest in only 36 hours.I think you’ll get a sense that anxiety is HIGH that Cox is going to wait through the Primary election and then take the very bad advice of his epidemiologist to shut Utah down into “orange phase.”

Positive test results have increased greatly, but they correspond to an increase in test results administered. This appears to be due to virtually every medical procedure, playing on a sports team, and working for many businesses now requiring a COVID test. Some Utahns report having to take the test over and over again, being counted in the positive numbers again and again.And these positive test results are people who, by and large, are not ill.

We do NOT see any corresponding increase in hospitalizations or deaths to warrant Dr. Dunn’s recommendation that once again, the health department dictate economic terms for destruction of more family-owned businesses. We see only declining virility of the virus, by the Utah Health Department’s own data. And Angela Dunn (with Cox’s tacit endorsement or overt encouragement, we must assume) is on a media tour promoting another shutdown.

At our rally, mental health professionals told us of the spike in suicide threats and declining mental health of the people of our state, in crisis not because we are ill, but because we are in terror of our own capricious government. Parents of disabled children told us that services are unavailable, and their children are suffering.

One psychotherapist told us that addictions are spiking, with many people spiraling into alcohol and drug abuse to escape their panic, as the consequences of double-digit unemployment loom, when government welfare programs will expire eventually–likely sooner than later, with $4 Trillion of deficit spending to put every man, woman and business on welfare programs.I can connect Spencer Cox with a number of doctors to advise him of the folly of following Dr. Dunn’s recommendations. In fact, I could arrange a Zoom call with, for instance, 10 doctors in Utah to help explain to Spencer Cox why Dunn’s recommendations make little sense and will devastate tens of thousands of Utah families. Or, I would be happy to put together 20 Utah doctors’ written statements of dissent from the position of the state’s shutdown into “orange phase,” mandatory mask wearing, and contact tracing.

Please wait to issue a shutdown of Utah businesses, until I can put this together for you! If you can guarantee me that Cox will WAIT to make that shutdown decision, until I have these doctors submit their statements to me, and I’ll create the compendium of dissenting statements, I will take this project on. Every single day, my physician colleagues message or call me with their support of my efforts to raise awareness of the bad decisions being made in my county, state and country.Lt Gov Cox: Thousands of small businesses all over Utah will NOT survive another “orange phase.” It took 7 weeks for our favorite restaurant here in Park City, Billy Blanco’s, to re-open. Getting employees better off on unemployment to come back, or hiring and training more, buying thousands of dollars’ worth of food, re-opening.

Put them back in “orange phase,” and they will have no more ability to tap savings or credit, and we’ll have a beautiful restaurant we “locals” love, boarded up with weeds growing out front–and hundreds of others just like it, all over Park City. As it is, every tourist activity in this beautiful town is canceled through the summer and fall, by decree of the government. Most of this town’s restaurants and bars and historic Main Street are supported by tourism.

As it is, three lawsuits that I know of have been filed or are being prepared, to seek redress from the judicial branch, for the overreach and unconstitutional actions of the executive branch of Cox and Herbert. (Via their empowerment of the health departments all over the state.) Several doctors and dentists I know lost as much as $250,000 when the health department showed up to tell them they couldn’t continue treating patients.

Leaders around the world who educate themselves about the data, the context, and how viruses and herd immunity work refuse to lead their people off a cliff like lemmings. And these states’ infection and death rates show no corresponding increase in illness, for refusing to follow the madding crowd. Kristi Noem in South Dakota. The heads of state of Taiwan, Sweden, South Korea, Nicaragua, and so many more. A number of people at our rally were very upset that Spencer Cox is using the LDS Church to insist that his position is correct, as if he and the LDS church have taken the same position.

While the LDS Church has been fairly quiet in the chaos of so many “bad decisions being made by our government based on bad data” (as NYC epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, PhD called it), please see Elder David A. Bednar’s recent comments, as proof that Cox is not justified in equating his policies with alignment with LDS Church leadership.

We believe that only the LDS Church should be able to state whether or not they agree with the mass devastation of the economy (including loss of 15% of our jobs) by the decisions of Cox and those who work for him, such as Angela Dunn of the health department (and Richard Bullough and others).

“Utah Leads Together” is simply a euphemism for socialism. I taught American Heritage at BYU many years ago: it’s a required class for all BYU bachelor’s degrees, a combination of American History, Poli Sci, and Economics. And I taught the historical socialist playbook, wherein the state, instead of protecting our rights (its primary responsibility in a democratic republic under our Constitution), instead begins to overreach its charter and dictate the terms of commerce.

Utah, under the leadership of Herbert and Cox, have executed a coup on the free market system, wherein small business owners all over the state of Utah cannot sleep at night, and are quietly going bankrupt en masse.As a business owner myself, I can tell you that it’s tough to run a profitable business in the best of times.

When the state takes upon itself the unconstitutional right to arbitrarily shut down small businesses, or achieve the same net effect by, for instance telling them they must max at 25% of capacity (“orange phase”), which forces them into either shutting their doors or running in a deficit–tens of thousands of mom-and-pop shops in Utah, the “engine of the economy,” are doomed.

Will Herbert and Cox keep their full salaries? Will Richard Bullough here in Park City where I live, and Angela Dunn, the state epidemiologist, and Jenny Wilson of Salt Lake County, will they all keep their full salaries, when Utah’s commerce and tax base is destroyed, and we, the small business owners, cannot continue to function? We have read of exactly zero state salary cuts or department cutbacks.

We hear only of massive government deficit spending for health-police “contact tracers” being hired off the street from among the unemployed, to dictate whether families can stay together or not — all for a virus that is now quite clearly proven (and published by the CDC) to be about as fatal as a bad seasonal flu.

All based on a theory of asymptomatic spread, even though every study thus far shows virtually no spread by asymptomatic carriers.Most of my friends, the small businesses of Utah, have spent their entire life’s savings in the past 4 months, keeping their families afloat while some — or most, or all — of their business activities were canceled by the state.With thousands of new, unconstitutional rules in place, wherein faceless health department officials have been empowered to dictate the terms of the economy, small business owners are being choked to death. I have written Richard Bullough, PhD, of Park City, who shut our county down first in Utah, several times — and the man has never even troubled himself to write me back. He shut Summit County down first, in the entire state, and kept us shut down the longest, despite 0 deaths in Park City. To this day, he wants Park City in “orange phase.”

And to this day, he will not respond to the people of Park City who email him–people whose lives and emotional health are being destroyed by his decisions.

He is receiving a full salary paid for by my taxes, while he destroys my business, the businesses of many of my friends, while both of Summit County’s hospitals were nearly empty, and many of their employees furloughed.Any physician will tell you that most of our elderly in long-term care facilities die, as their immune systems give out, of a virus or bacterial infection. It has never been front-page news before. The vast majority of Utah’s 160 deaths have been elderly folks in long-term care facilities who were already very ill.

The risk of death for everyone else is about 0.004%, which rivals our risk of dying in a car accident driving from Salt Lake to Provo on a Saturday night. Utah looks no different than the Democrat-run states, where the media runs stories focusing exclusively on top-line numbers, hysteria, and a complete lack of nuance or context. (Headline: “Spiking new cases cause Dunn to demand full shutdown!”)

Missing are important contextual data such as, one, the fact that “cases” are positive test results, despite massive problems with the test. Or two, that only 3% of Utah’s hospital beds are in use. Or three, that deaths are not spiking and the fatality rate of the virus appears to be dropping dramatically, in Utah and across the U.S.Please let me know if Cox will place a moratorium on any plans to move Utah into “orange phase” and whether I can have 2 weeks to put together comments by 20 or more Utah doctors, to give context and counterpoint to Dr. Dunn’s media tour hyping irrelevant topline numbers.

If she is the only expert you consult, I and many other Utah citizens potentially lose decades of our work building our businesses, and we are all in jeopardy of losing the ability to feed and shelter our families. And I fear Spencer Cox will go down on the wrong side of history, all due to lack of awareness. Please write me back with Spencer Cox’s personal response about whether I have two weeks to gather the written statements of at least 20 of Utah’s doctors who stand in opposition of Dr. Dunn’s call to shut down the economies across the state due to higher positive test results.

Show us the sick people. We cannot find them. Positive test results are not corresponding to sick people in the State of Utah. You don’t know a bunch of sick people, and neither do we.

Eventually the portion of Utah’s population who has been cowering in their homes, listening to mainstream media and terrified they’ll die of a virus, will come out, breathe the air, and start asking the question: where are all the sick people? Have we been duped?Please write back. This matter is of great urgency to 101,000 small businesses in Salt Lake County alone, and over 8,000 in Summit County where I live.Sincerely, Robyn Openshaw