The CURE for COVID-19 is KNOWN.

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It’s been happening since the beginning of the lockdown.

First, there was the NY doctor that claimed he could stop Covid — and, indeed, indicated that he HAD done so, using an [at that time] age-old [approved in the 1930s] Malaria drug widely known as hydroxychloroquine.

The first to establish a protocol that saved Covid patients in New York, Vladimir Zelenko.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is his name and his story is here.

From the reaction of the Mainstream Media [at least in the USA] you’d have thought the sky had fallen.

In came the naysayers to state that the treatment had to been tried, nor The appropriate ‘blind studies‘ done to ascertain whether or not this treatment option was even safe! [This, mind you, coming from a crowd that has waived all safety requirements to develop a vaccine in record time that is certain to be an effective vaccine for most likely just one or two of the 243 strains already identified by countries other than the USA.

The obvious question is, “If adherence to safety standards have been waived for vaccines, then why not for affordable treatment options”?

Ah, but according to the critics of Fauci and his ‘team’, that would make too much sense.

On the heels of this incident came an interesting story from Dr. Kyle Sidell, who explained and addressed the medical and scientific Protocols that are commonly in place and criticizing the use of ventilators for Covid-19.

His was followed by another bombshell report from two physicians, colleagues who stepped up to address the discrepancies in what was known about the ‘virus’ — as well as the failure to offer corresponding treatments.