Socialist Psyops

The information now finding its way to the forefront of every platform is so pervasive as to be virtually unquestionable. Alternative Media and independent reporters of every type nd kind have joined together to fight what can only be described as the ‘culling’ of humanity.

What’s happening and why? Are the globalists that most believe control the planet simply tired of playing with humanity and have decided to cull the herd? Straighten things up? Destroy it entirely?

If Celeste Solum is correct, it’s likely a combination of all of the above — and the ‘powers that be’ seem to be wasting no time in breaking down all barriers and wiping people off the face of the earth en masse.

The evidence she disseminates leaves few with the opinion that there’s ‘nothing new under the sun’ and there’s nothing to worry about. The information — as well as the credentials — that Solum brings to the table leave little doubt in the listeners’ mind that there’s something absolutely amiss.