Sheriffs Rebel Against Government Overreach

So, whose choice is it, anyway? Whose body is it now when governors — acting in lock step for the most part — are telling people to wear masks, in spite of a preponderance of evidence that indicates they are damaging to the health of those in compliance with the directive?

People are, literally, driving around wearing masks in their own vehicles — alone or with their own family members — still wearing masks, still breathing their own C02.

This should not be. This, in fact, is dangerous enough to cause auto accidents.


The Main Stream Media stands accused of refusing to report the dangers of masks.

While citizens have taken different tacts, the case has been made that each individual should choose for themselves whether or not to wear masks in public.

Governors from various states have had their orders to wear masks criticized by those responsible for enforcing them — and the battle continues, with law enforcement officials citing the need to handle ‘real crime’ superseding that of forced masking.