H.R. 6666: The Rollout

H.R. 6666 has apparently been planned for a long time — but Ventura County in California has been chosen for the rollout of this Bill and citizens are organizing against it.

Speakers are going to appear at the following meetings and the support of the citizenry is both requested and appreciated. Unless the citizenry rises up to protect against H.R. 6666, it will surely pass — and the COVID-19 nightmare the U.S. has been forced to accommodate over these past months will seem little more than a diversion on the road to total control of the world’s populace as a whole.

20 Years as a FEMA officer, Celeste Solum warns of the vaccine agenda now underway.


The ROLL-OUT of H.R. 6666 in Ventura County, California. Citizens are banding together to fight it. [For More Information: CLICK HERE.]

The basis is this: TRACE is unlawful. It is an effort to capitalize on inaccurate and misleading information.

Pandemics happen every flu season and the statistics clearly reveal that the numbers of individuals affected by COVID-19 are no greater than those reflecting a moderate to severe flu season.

H.R. 6666 is the allocation of $ 100 Billion to commit crimes against humanity, subjecting the populace to forced testing, the removal of family members testing positive and the tracking people who have had contact with a person who tests positive — all on the basis of a very inconsistent testing method widely known to provide inaccurate and misleading results.

At best, this effort is misguided and the COVID-19 crisis mishandled. At worst, it meets the criteria for racketeering.

The COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ has had more than its share of detractors since news of it was rolled out on February 11, 2020.

Americans, always protective of their rights and knowledgeable of issues that threaten them, promptly began questioning the veracity of the statistical information provided by officials during the ‘lockdown period’ in the U.S. — which effectively decimated the world’s economies and seemed to seek to establish practices and protocols unheard of in a ‘free society’.

When doctors and scientists began questioning the strategies of public health ‘specialists’ and explaining the biological complexities of COVID-19 — pointing out the nonsensical approaches to containment which include social distancing and the wearing of home made masks — many people began openly mocking the rules and going back to their routines — government oversight be damned.

The suspicions only continued to grow when news began to leak that hospitals were given financial bonuses of $ 13,000.00 to add ‘Covid-19’ to a patient’s diagnosis and could receive an even bigger windfall — $ 39,000.00 — to put a supposed ‘Covid-19’ victim on a ventilator. Some doctors have claimed that mortality rates only rise when Covid patients receive such ‘care’.

Now add to that the ‘discovery’ that whilst ‘Covid-19 cases’ have continued to rise, every other deadly condition from which people are known to die have plummeted to ridiculously low numbers — because suddenly very few individuals are being diagnosed with anything BUT Covid — and you can begin to fathom why there is a likelihood of sheer disbelief of anything Covid-19 related on the part of those who have been attempting to stay apprised of both sides of this issue.

What IS the truth? Is Covid-19 an actual threat to humanity or a giant ruse designed to further decimate the rights of humans as has been speculated across the globe.

Whomever is running this ‘exercise’ — the term ex-CIA Director and now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used to describe the ‘Covid-19 pandemic‘ in a CNN interview — it seems to confuse everyone. Pompeo later vacillated on camera concerning whether or not the ‘virus’ is man-made.

Now, not long after the Senate passed an $ 8 Billion dollar Bill to battle the Coronavirus, a new bill allocating $ 100 Billion is to be allocated to fund the ‘Trace Act’ — requiring teams of people to contact every person within whatever they determine to be a designated ‘hot spot’ region of which there seem to be none at this point in time — and requiring the removal of specific ‘infected’ individuals from any homes designated to not have sufficient bathrooms to accommodate proper ‘quarantining’.

Identifying individuals with Covid-19 has always been a moving target and the tests have been widely maligned due to significant inconsistencies in results.

The Covid-19 Spending Breakdown Worldwide Here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-05/here-s-all-the-cash-asian-nations-have-pledged-for-virus-relief

While other nations report spending ten to twenty billion in the ‘war against Covid-19, just the portion of the the U.S. program to track and trace Americans comes in with a price tag of $100 billion — while officials openly anticipate spending up to a trillion in ‘borrowed’ funds to stop a ‘virus’ that many deem to be no significant threat at all.

For all of these reasons and more, Americans are saying an emphatic ‘NO!’ to Big Brother and the overreach of H.R. 6666.

The waffling, confusion, ambiguity and inconsistencies concerning COVID-19 have led many to research corona flu strains — turning to a variety of virologists and scientists qualified to enlighten the public concerning the true facts concerning COVID-19 and viruses like it.

This turned the paradigm from a ‘doom and gloom’ scenario promoted by the few ‘specialists’ provided as ‘authorities’ by the CDC and WHO into a much wider and far more hopeful perspective generated by a wide range of professionals better suited to address the issues at hand.

Quickly the proliferation of more accurate models showed the directives that had been issued from the onset to be ridiculous: never, in the history of the world, had any ‘pandemic’ resulted in a global quarantining of healthy people.

As more people watched ‘confused’ government officials make outlandish efforts to strip people of their most basic human rights under the pretense of ‘protecting them’, the outrage over this ‘plannedemic’ has only grown.

Among the most egregious is Ventura County’s press conference slated for just five days after H.R. 6666 was submitted to Congress whilst telling citizens they were revealing this most expertly crafted plan — one that has obviously been in the works for a significant length of time — mere days after the bill was submitted for consideration.

Ventura County means business: just one week after the press conference, the Ventura City Council meeting addressed the issues pertaining to the immediate execution of this plan in a clear effort to preserve $147 million in funding from the federal government and FEMA.

That’s $147 million in funds allocated to essentially strip citizens of their fundamental human rights and values — forcing people to allocate virtually all of their remaining resources (now depleted from months of losing income due to the restrictions placed upon citizens) to preserving their family units in the face of potentially flawed test results with virtually no form of redress whatsoever should the worst occur and families be literally taken from each other.

The government is facing a massive loss of faith from the public across the board.

It is time to stand against tyrannical mandates and restore the rights of America’s citizens.

Del Bigtree and Rockefeller Institute’s Knut Wittkowski, PhD