New Meeting Dates

Here are the dates for the July meetings.   With the exception of the BOS (unless that changes) all the City Meetings will be virtual.—by e-mail.


Thousand Oaks   and July 7

 Simi Valley  June 29th and July 27

 Camarillo –  July 8

 Ventura BOS meeting Next is July 21 and July 28

If anyone needs specific talking points, please let me know; but I believe the following general issues should be stressed:

  • The current surge in “cases” are meaningless and a falsehood.   Obviously, the more tests, the more cases.  Smart readers know the “cases” are no threat.  The U.S. is testing ½ million a day.
  • A “case” is someone who tested positive who didn’t even have symptoms.   Multiple tests are taken for same person and counted as individual tests—so totals are inflated.
  • The statistics are dishonest, incomplete, and non-contextual.   Their purpose is to extend a year-round “emergency” which is good for the government.
  • What is omitted is that “cases” do not translate into the important statistic of hospitalizations and deaths.  The reason omitted is because the majority of “CV” cases are elderly with co-morbidity
  • The media are reporting all tests—serious and new.   And if deaths are dropping (according to the CDC), how are cases rising?
  • The PCR test kits sent to hospitals are clearly labeled: NOT FOR DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES.   The most recent on-site test kits are screened and results returned in 9-10 minutes.   This is ludicrous and untenable.  
  • The test results, including the anti-body tests are not scientifically viable.   They are all flawed, just estimates and based on physician opinion. 

Additional issues to discuss:

  • The illegality of the current state of emergency—that needs to be eliminated.   An emergency can only be called under an eminent, proximate introduction of a contagious disease.   It’s good for them to hear the same points over and over again.    
  • They are breaking the law on many counts.  Taking money by continuing this unlawful, invalid situation is fraud which carries a prison sentence. 
  • And remember, they work for us.  We are their employers.   We are the public and they are our represented officials.  They are not leaders.  They need to be following us.