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CDC Home Invasion

Washington State may become a hotspot similar to Ventura County, California.

Important news from Washington State about CDC intrusions

Washington State governor announces plan to forcefully quarantine those infected and all their contacts

Ammon Bundy chimed in from Idaho on Wednesday following Gov. Inslee’s unconstitutional orders

By Shepard Ambellas –   May 14, 2020

This article from Intellihub would appear to validate these concerns:

(INTELLIHUB) — Washington State Governor Jay Inslee announced at a press briefing on Tuesday that a standing army of contact tracers along with members of the National Guard will we identifying and immediately quarantining Washintonians infected with COVID-19 and any individuals who have come in contact with the infected.

All contacts of the infected will be quarantined ahead of time “even before they have had a positive test,” the governor made clear. “That is the corral we want to put around this virus.”

The way the Orwellian plan works is in the event that multiple people or members of a family reside under the same roof in a residence with a shared bathroom, those people will all be quarantined out of their homes.
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Needless to say, activist Ammon Bundy chimed in from Idaho on Wednesday following Gov. Inslee’s unconstitutional orders.

“It is essential that we keep an eye on what Governor Inslee is doing because in this COVID scare Washington has led in their actions and then the other states have followed,” Bundy said in a video posted to his YouTube channel on Tuesday. “Once they have done something the other states have followed.”

The brave activist is worried that once precedence has been set there will be no stopping nationwide rollout.

In the video, Bundy broke down various elements of remarks Gov. Inslee made at the briefing. Like the part where the governor refers to the new state contact tracing program as a “smart weapon.”

“Okay so first of all, he said they are moving on to a second state–he called it a weapon and then he specifically says that it is important that and… notice how he sais families,” Bundy explained. “He’s talking about quarantine–he’s not talking about voluntary quarantine he is talking about quarantining them.”

Bundy said the governor is planning to use these contact tracers to “connect the dots with all these people” and round them up. Additionally, he pointed out how these contact tracers will remain anonymous and that people can call into a state-sponsored snitch hotline to report people who are sick, just as they did in Nazi-Germany.

Governor Inslee made it clear that U.S. military and civilian personnel involved in the contact tracing program are taking order well and are fully on board with the operation.

Over 260,000 contact tracers are expected to be employed nationwide.

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