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Reform California is supporting important litigation to stop Gov. Gavin Newsom and California Democrats from enacting new policies that will promote voter fraud – and I am hoping you will help!
We already know that California’s intentionally-flawed Motor Voter program has resulted in countless ineligible people receiving ballots. Now Democrats want to use ballot harvesting combined with in an All-Mail election to flip seats and repeal Prop 13 from 1978 and impose a massive tax hike this November.
Our only chance to stop them is through litigation — and we must act fast!
Can you help support our Election Integrity efforts today with a contribution of any amount?
CONTRIBUTE SECURELY: Stop Illegal Voting in California
There are now 3 important lawsuits that have been filed on to fix illegal voting. Last week Reform California held a virtual Town Hall with one of the plaintiffs of the lawsuit we’re supporting that challenges the Democrats efforts to deprive citizen’s rights to force a RECOUNT of any election where suspicious activity is documented.
Please do whatever you can to help in this fight to ensure FAIR and HONEST elections this November!
Carl DeMaio
Reform CaliforniaPS: In addition to contributing, please share our petition demanding an Independent Audit of California Voter Rolls.

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