How to Access Businesses Without Wearing A Mask

Be polite but firm and require specific answers and a timeframe that they must respond.

  1. Contact the businesses you want to visit in advance. Tell them you are coming, and you won’t be wearing a mask for medical reasons. Speak to the manager calmly and with conviction.
  2. Write to the corporate offices with these questions (also good to ask in person at the store)
    • “What are the medical grounds for your requesting your customers to wear a mask?”
    • “Are you aware there is no state regulation requiring that customers wear masks?”
    • “Would you provide me with the peer-reviewed research published in a reputable medical journal that conclusively demonstrates that healthy people wearing masks prevents the spread of disease?”
    • “Are you aware that a licensed medical doctor is the only person qualified to give me medical advice, and wearing a mask is considered a health intervention because it affects the function of the respiratory system. Are you providing a licensed medical doctor at the entrance to your store to provide physical exams of the public to make this recommendation?”
    • “Are you aware that my civil liberties protection (in CA, it is California Civic Code 51 (b) states that I am a free and equal citizen and cannot be denied services by any business establishment due to a medical condition?”