How Accurate Are COVID-19 mutation reports?

UK’s DAILY MAIL is reporting that COVID-19 has mutated

Is this the mutation that made coronavirus spread like wildfire in NYC, Italy and the UK? D614G strain has four-times as many ‘spikes’ that latch onto human cells 

A mutated strain of coronavirus that has decimated the US, UK and Italy is nearly 10 times more infectious than the original virus that emerged from China, a study suggests. 

The potent version of SARS-CoV-2 – called D614G – has four to five times more ‘spikes’ that protrude from the viral surface allow it to latch onto human cells. 

Not only does this trait make it more infectious, but it also makes the virus more stable and resilient. 

Scripps is reporting that this protein is responsible for mutated strains of COVID-19.

Being comprised of two parts makes it ‘unstable’ and fragile, but a new mutation makes it more stable by making the whole spike more ‘flexible’ and infectious, a Scripps Research study says.”