Doctors Gagged: Why the Drive to Conceal Covid Truth?

You, as an individual and as a citizen of the U.S., have a right to a private and exclusive relationship with your personal physician. It is up to you whom you see for care and what type of treatments you receive.

These are your choices and yours alone.
No one is to interfere.

Suddenly, however, there’s someone else entering the mix. Your doctor may or may not be allowed to treat you discreetly using the methodology you prefer. Doctors — since Covid — and discovering that free access to the ’standard of care’ they’ve previously enjoyed is suddenly under fire.

What’s changed? Perhaps even more importantly, why has it changed?

It’s not just one doctor or one doctor’s treatment: it’s across the board! It’s this doctor…

Dr. Richard Bartlett’s own peers Immediately and publicly denounced his treatment protocols.

And this one…
Vladimir Zelenko [NYC] insisted Hydroxychloroquine was the answer. Trump listened.

It’s these guys…
These two Bakersfield physicians were soundly criticized for challenging ’conventional wisdom’.

And they were not too impressed with this one, questioning the use of ventilators…
This NYC doctor dared to challenge COVID-19 treatment protocols that utilize ventilators.

This doctor was told to stop advising his own patients about how to address Covid-19!
Doctors are reporting that their efforts to help with Covid are forcibly thwarted.

Dr. Derald R. Morris II, DO [Morris Medical Clinic] reports that pharmacies are refusing to honor his prescriptions for Hydroxychloroquine even though he’s been utilizing this common, mile, inexpensive and effective treatment for decades.

Dr. Morris has patients with illnesses that have responded to this treatment protocol.