How to Reach Out to Your Supervisors

Please forward 1 question to each Supervisor and a different question to each supervisor 4 days later and yet another question 4 days later until you’ve exhausted the list of questions below.

Your emails will get reviewed and you should get an answer for each question. If you don’t email your supervisor asking why they haven’t answered your very important question. If just 1000 people can send 3 emails every week and continue to repeat every question until they have answered each oneit will force the supervisors to actually give us a response which we will then dispute in public comments at city council meetings.  7 questions – 7 days. Repeat if necessary.

These are questions that need to be answered because the carrying out of orders that are unlawful and violate human rights highlights their dereliction of duty and paves the way for civil lawsuits on an individual basis as well as county wide. 

Would you share with me the actual science (not links to the CDC or State Health Board) you have received regarding the efficacy of healthy people wearing masks?   

–  Why do you continue to put the electorate at extreme peril of health risks, as testified by countless licensed physicians, associated with wearing masks?

–  How much money is your body/agency receiving from the state and federal government in emergency aid?

–  Are you prepared to face legal action and criminal charges for being an accessory to intimidation and assault by promoting the documented health-harming results of wearing a mask?

–  Why are you breaking the law by allowing a local health emergency to continue when there are no grounds to do so?

–  What scientific evidence based on clinical studies (as required by state law) have the health officers submitted to you that support their orders?

– Where is the peer-reviewed studies and medical scientific evidence that supports healthy people wearing masks?
Thousand Oaks  June 23rd and July 7

Simi Valley  June 29th and July 27

Camarillo – June 24th and July 8

Ventura BOS meeting Next is June 23rd and July 27

If you feel your elected officials aren’t responsive to their constituents, you may find this video particularly intriguing. According to the well-documented research Deborah Tavares has uncovered — in particular, that of deceased Congressman James Traficant, Jr. —there’s an underlying reason for the ‘lack of interest’ on the part of our elected officials: They don’t work for us. Watch this most revealing interview.