Dan Happel and Judy Bruce with Travis Middleton

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots between 5G, technocracy, COVID19 and a forced vaccine program; using fear and conformity to accomplish total control of humanity.
‌ ‌    Program for May 24, 2020  DEFEATING TECHNOFEUDALISM-finding ways to fight back! 

If we are to defeat global Marxism and technocratic rule by the Power Elite, we need to change our tactics and learn how to apply strategic thinking, much as they have been doing to us for many decades. 

Although the Power Elite are numerically few, they are quite adept at deceit and the application of fear and confusion to control the masses. They also understand strategic planning and are masters of the Hegelian Dialectic (problem-action-solution); create a problem, perform an action in response, create a solution that ultimately moves forward their plan to control us. Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said; “nothing in government ever happens by accident, if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”.

We are seeing a continuation of that sort of strategic planning with: forced societal isolation during the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the shutdown and ultimate demise of capitalist economies and independent small businesses, the move to global digital currency, implementation of communist Chinese led 5G control grid surveillance society, and the forced vaccination of everyone with nano chip/artificial intelligence tracers with unknowable impacts on public health, both mental and physical. 

There are two distinctly differing views of the human equation. There are those of us of the Christian world view/free market capitalist bent, who see the enormous potential of every living soul, potential that is capable of amazing discoveries and technical innovation for the good of everyone and everything. We recognize that we are creations of a living God who meant for man to be free to make choices, both good and bad, and to grow from those experiences. Man is meant to be a steward of the earth, in God’s image. 

The Power Elite and their allies in the Marxist/collectivist, radical environmentalist camp see humans as a plague on the earth and just another biological accident; creatures to be exploited and controlled by an enlightened few that have a superior intellect/ insight and are somehow endowed with the right to choose who lives and dies……and how they live and die!!

They will never admit it, but they truly despise humanity and are the ultimate “hate group”, working tirelessly to segregate and divide people and ideologies with the ultimate purpose of total control of humanity through intimidation and psychological isolation. The Founding Fathers gave us a unique system of government to ensure that we had the tools to defend our liberty.

Although the Power Elite have made great inroads into the destruction of our constitutional republican system, we still have many tools to fight back against the control freaks on the left. It is not a matter of can we fight back, it’s a matter of if we will fight back. Do we have a clear understanding of the big picture?

Are we willing to fight for the future of a free and sovereign America for our children and grandchildren? Can we learn to think strategically and be willing to take risks to save our great republic? Time will tell, but there is certainly no time to waste since the enemy is already inside the gates and has planned the battlefield that we now walk. Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic. 

Quit being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

Dan Happel -Host ofConnectingthe Dots 

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This Week’s Guest(s)  

Judy Bruce – is a retired financial advisor (CLU, ChFC). Now in retirement, she has become a conspiracy analysist and a community activist.    She is currently a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the City of Simi Valley, CA, in an effort to stop 4G/5G small cell towers from contaminating the neighborhoods.   She is also active in combatting the H.R. 6666: COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (T.R.A.C.E.) Act, because her home county (Ventura) is the pilot location for “Contact Tracing”.  This is a feeble attempt at illegal “data mining” by re-linking everyone who has been physically connected during the Corona fiasco (i.e. Big Brother).  

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Travis Middleton – is a health and legal advocate, who has filed civil RICO actions against public officials as a non-attorney  He is one of the few legal advocates that has challenged judges and prosecutors under RICO statues. Travis has – through his legal research, discovered many ways to effectively and efficiently deal with debt collectors, mortgage foreclosure fraud in California, IRS harassment, police contact, and State and Federal court proceedings. He takes his 20-plus years of experience to the fight against SB 277 to help ALL parents in the state of California take back the rights they already HAVE under the US Constitution.  Travis is the father of three grown children who were not vaccinated over 20 years ago because of his research into the safety and poisonous issues related to vaccines.Travis Middleton Website 

The Dan Happel and Judy Bruce Interview