CHIPS and Your Insurance

Have you ever stopped to consider the microchip technology that’s in the news today, and the ramifications of how that technology will affect you personally?

Well, actually, those questions have already been answered. It was just so slickly introduced, it went virtually unnoticed.

The plan laid out in the Affordable Care Act — AKA Obamacare — clearly provided for the RFID chip implant, stipulating that it will be required for public health insurance which, in time, will be the only option available.

The mandatory plan is designed to utilize what are now ‘chip cards’ [yes, like the one on your credit cards] which will contain digitized copies of all health records of the members.

In the Affordable Care Act, it’s clearly laid out not as an ‘opt in’ plan but a prerequisite for participation in any government insurance plan — and, although it was overlooked by the media and watchdog groups, the plan’s directives were quite clear.

Cutting through all the political ease, the bottom line is that eventually if you want to participate in a government healthcare plan you will have to have this chip implanted in your body.

The Affordable Care Act is a law — and it mandates that you have to have insurance and by virtue of this law guarantees that all private healthcare insurers will be driven out of business with only the government option left.

Americans will finally be in a single payer system and you will be required to have an imbedded chip to be a member of this system. Again, it will be mandatory that you be a part of this system.

It was for this reason that people were required to sign up and fined if they attempted to opt out.

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HR6666 together with the infrastructure set up through the Affordable Care Act — (AKA Obamacare) — provided for mandatory participation in order  to accept microchips containing all your personal information as well as your bank account. By doing so, they provided a way for you to be automatically debited for their services. Further, your activity will be surveilled through this RFID chip and all your movements tracked via HR6666 tracking. 

If Americans are to have any hope of avoiding this ‘beast’ system, they will have to act now.

Below is a video that lays out precisely where we are in this system and how it is intended to affect us. Please educate yourself — the tools are here. Time is of the essence.

Author and Spokesperson Deborah Tavares lays out the plan Americans face.