About That Test…

On July 16th I was told I had to take a COVID 19 test to be able to be admitted from the ER to the regular hospital. 

Upon the three nurses entering the room , they explained the process and two held onto me while one nurse proceeded to to the test. 

I had a piece of plastic that I can only compare to a old coffee stirrer , long , thin, and a piece like a flat spatula, shoved up my nose so far it hurt. They were moving it around and I felt something scrape , I jerked it out of my nose, taking note of what it looked like.  

My nose started to bleed, that didn’t last long but I had been told it wouldn’t cause that at all.

Then they took a smaller Q-tip looking swab and circled right inside my nostrils.  It was very traumatic and, now that I’m studying this issue, the thought of what they may have done to me is terrifying! 

The nurses apologized a lot for how I felt — I cried. This happened after I had just suffered a ischemic stroke due to Lupus Cerebritis.  I do not understand why I was tested two different ways nor why it was so painful.

Why do they have to act so inhumane and cause even more issues.? Why the deceit??

The Covid-19 test is coming under fire from some unlikely sources and for some unlikely reasons.

Why, for instance, would people that left the facility prior to being tested and, ultimately, were not tested at all finally receive telephone calls telling them their tests were positive for Covid?

Why do people report feeling like they were assaulted with a plastic tool that resembled a coffee stick being ‘shoved’ of their nose — instead of having a simple swab of the back of their throat?

One woman reported being in the ER of a local hospital and was advised she should be kept for monitoring overnight, requiring a COVID test.

She stated that two women held her down while a tool was ‘shoved up [her] nose’ resulting in a nosebleed and a headache that would not resolve for days. When she told them to stop, that the test was too painful to continue, one of the nurses stated that they were to leave the tool in place for the proper time.